The Vilter Family Photos of our Trip to the 2006 Live and Learn Conference in Albuquerque New Mexico
September 2nd through 13th

  You have choices! After uploading the Gallery I created with Lightroom some people had difficulty viewing it with Firefox on a Macintosh. This of course made me want to noodle with it. I created two other copies of it. The photoshop gallery is the kind I have been using for the last year or so and seems to be quite stable in any browser from the last five years or so. I like the three sizes of photos and the large thumbnails of the Lightroom gallery. And the Flash gallery has the oh-so-pleasent cross fades that appeals to the lighting designer in me.
  Each of these three galleries have the same photos. They are just presented in different KINDS of galleries.
This Gallery was created with Photoshop.
It is frames based and loads easily in every browser I tested.
Easy single vertical gallery area.
This gallery was created with Lightroom. Fun, multi-level galleries. Photos are in three sizes. It loads in all browsers except Firefox on a Mac.
This is a Flash gallery. You must have Flash loaded to view it. It loads fast .The photos are in three sizes, there is a slide show option and it has a nice smooth dissolve between photos.You must have flash installed on your computer and browser to view this gallery. And then it still may not load. I'm still exploring how it functions.

Craig and Gillian Mayer's Movie

Craig and Gillian Mayer's wonderful movie of the conference. I met them at the conference when we were trying to show this movie at the Talent show. It is now finished. Take the time to download it. The editing, background music, and time-lapse work is all carefully chosen and captures the feeling of being there with all those happy kids and parents.They have also included several "Extras" after the feature presentation.

They sent it to me so I could post it for them.