San Jacinto Peak

September 26-27, 2004

IMGP5167.jpg IMGP5168.jpg IMGP5171.jpg
Heading Up the Tram. Very Exciting! Leaving Desert Station Behind Late morning light on Chino canyon
IMGP5172.jpg IMGP5177.jpg IMGP5178.jpg
The valley shrinks away The steep side of the canyon At mountain station, ready to start hiking
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Long Valley ranger station The trail to Round Valley Typical conditions on the way to the campground
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Steep bits here and there Campground. The cooking rock
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Matthew and Ryan and non-stop role playing games The tree above our sleeping area A hike around the meadow after dinner
IMGP5228.jpg IMGP5229.jpg IMGP5230.jpg
Monday morning after a long night with little sleep Sun coming over the ridge lots of cute out houses
IMGP5233.jpg IMGP5236.jpg IMGP5241.jpg
Boulders above the site That warm cutting morning light, and the blue sky Ryan
IMGP5242.jpg IMGP5243.jpg IMGP5245.jpg
Matthew Ready to hike to the peak-2100 feet and 3.5 miles away Aah the light
IMGP5248.jpg IMGP5253.jpg IMGP5254.jpg
Wellman divide looking southeast Taking a break at the divide after hiking the steepest part of the trail Looking west
IMGP5262.jpg IMGP5265.jpg IMGP5269.jpg
Enjoying a rest Along the east side of Jean Peak
IMGP5271.jpg IMGP5274.jpg IMGP5275.jpg
Very nice texture at the switchback between Miller and San Jacinto peaks trees at the edge of the ridge. And that blue sky... getting ready for he last push about 400' in .7 miles
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Ryan in his catalog pose Just Granite and trees Meet a guy named Anthony who took our picture at the peak trail junction.
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On Top! Looking west Looking north, with San Gorgonio in the background and I 10 below The pile of rocks on the peak
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Wind farms and the 29 plams juction Looking east and south, Palm Springs to the right. Look carefully you can see the mountain station for the tram in the ridge. Joshua Tree and the high desert is on top of the mountain range. Scramble down, to the south of the peak
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Typical conditions on the high switchback That same log, a few hours later
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Looking north and west, Idllywild is over that third ridge, I think The last stretch out of Round Valley Heading down the tram
IMGP5343.jpg IMGP5346.jpg
Looking north, sunset catching the wind mills The car was far less crowded on the way down